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Prenatal Care

At each visit, we take time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, obtain samples for any labs you agree to, and perform a physical exam that includes vital signs, feeling and measuring your belly, and listening to baby's heartbeat. Visits are conducted at the usual intervals of once a month for the first two trimesters, and becoming more frequent in the last trimester, until we see you for weekly home visits in the final month.

Early individual visits take place in our office, along with 5 "Community Care" visits during the course of your pregnancy--group prenatal visits that offer the opportunity to share experiences with the others due in the same month as you, and to establish a community that can be a comfort and a resource as you welcome your new family member.

Midwifery Care in Labor and Birth

Our midwives provide birth services in your home and in our office in Takoma Park, MD.

Your midwives will stay in touch with you throughout early labor, and will come to your home when you are ready for company. As your birth approaches, a second midwife will come to act as birth assistant.

They will stay with you continuously, monitoring your and your baby's well-being, offering physical and emotional support and guidance, and holding the space for the birth to unfold according to your needs and desires.

Should a transfer become advisable, a midwife will accompany you to the hospital and remain with you for the remainder of your labor and birth. The other midwife will stay behind to straighten up so you have a peaceful environment to return to.

Midwifery Postpartum Care

Your midwives will stay at your birth until you have been able to eat, drink, pee, nurse, and shower. Once you have done these things, and the midwives have done a thorough newborn exam, given detailed postpartum instructions, cleaned up, and done a load of laundry, they will tuck you and your newborn into bed and leave.

They will return to examine you and your baby at 24 hours and 72 hours, check in by phone at one week, visit at 2 weeks, call at 4 weeks, and visit at 6 weeks. If other home visits are needed, they will come more often, for no extra charge.

Newborn Care with Midwives

Our midwives are credentialed to do newborn care for the first month of life. We perform comprehensive mother/baby exams in the immediate postpartum period. We specialize in helping new parents through the process of initiating breastfeeding including deep respect for the "golden hour" following birth, assessment for correct latch and lip and tongue ties, and trouble-shooting any issues that arise.

We also offer expert guidance for early parenting challenges, such as managing toddler siblings, sleep issues, and changing roles in the family.

Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding guidance is built into our birth care package, so it is included at every point when you have your baby with us. People who have given birth with other practices are also welcome to access our breastfeeding services. We specialize in helping people reclaim breastfeeding relationships that have been sabotaged by institutional settings.

We can help with breastfeeding at home, in our office, or on zoom--whichever is most helpful in your situation.

Fees & Insurance

Our fee for complete midwifery care services is split into two parts:
$5,500 global fee includes prenatal, birth, postpartum and newborn care for the first 6 weeks, primary care during pregnancy and postpartum, and midwives who are on call for you at all times during your pregnancy.

$1,000 birth assistant fee covers the 2nd birth professional attending your birth, due at your 36-week home check.


Often, PPO insurance companies will reimburse for midwifery services at the out-of-network or sometimes the in-network rate. We work with an insurance biller to help you get the maximum reimbursement allowed by your plan, so you don't have to do any of the paperwork. Generally, people pay out of pocket and then get reimbursed once the baby is born (insurance companies don’t pay for things that haven’t happened yet). We are Tricare Authorized Providers but are out of network with Tricare. You can go to Tricare.mil for more information about your out-of-network reimbursements rates.

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