Well-Body Gyn & IUI

Our midwife team offers gyn/well-body care, fertility/IUI services, and peri- and post-menopausal care.

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Well-Body Gyn Care & Family Planning

We offer a complete annual exam, addressing nutrition, exercise, stress management, satisfaction with sex, routine health screening, and contraceptive methods. During a routine annual exam, which typically lasts 1-1 1/2 hours, we help you identify goals that are important to you in each of these areas. When you receive you lab results, you also receive a recap of your goals, so you can keep them until the next check-up, and see how you're doing in your self-care journey.

We are also available for problem visits such as yeast infections, UTI’s, STD testing, “lost condom,” sexual issues, and more.

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Fertility and IUI Services

Our fertility services start with a thorough and complete history of your general and reproductive health, any lab tests that are indicated, and a discussion of your reproductive goals. If you are interested in intrauterine insemination, we guide you in carefully tracking your menstrual cycle using the latest technology, to accurately identify the best window. When the time is right. we come to your home and perform the IUI in the environment of your choice, and then slip out quietly, leaving you to snuggle in your own bed.

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Perimenopause / Menopause Care

We offer gyn services with a focus on issues pf perimenopause & menopause, including Wise Woman Gyn Circles ™, a group approach to the transition into your maximum power. Each circle meets monthly for 5 months, each session covering one of the 5 "P"s: Period, Pelvis, Personal Health, Personal Relationships, and Power. Each session includes readings, journaling, group sharing, and a sacred ritual. At some point in the 5 months, each participant receives a full gyn health check-up (see description above). After completion of the circle, each participant is welcome to attend ongoing monthly Wise Woman gatherings on a drop-in basis.

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